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What Just Happened.


August 2018

August saw a breakthrough, and thoroughly enjoyable, action-packed month at Soho Whisky Club.
We kicked off proceedings with not one, not two, but three superb tastings from Karen Fullerton of Ardbeg. The Groovy Volkswagen Camper was so chilled out it had to be towed into position (only arriving midway through session two) as we tasted Islay gold. The Grooves Committee Release and The Supernova Committee Release undoubtable stand outs.
Week two saw us being treated to the first ever public tasting of the new Old Pulteney range; 12, Huddart, 15, 18. 
Colin Dunn popped into the club one Monday evening and, as he tends to, gave us a quite ridiculous tasting. Proving why he's given such legendary status, he effortlessly entertained us all for two hours, whilst also keeping us topped up with some absolute belters from Diageo. It was really rather special.
And then we got serious. Uncle Nearest? Fried Chicken? Beer Pong? We don't mess around at Soho Whisky Club when saying goodbye to Summer. A fantastic day and one that shan't be forgotten quickly. The breakthrough? The Beer Pong. It seems we've started something here people. Oh, and of course the brilliant Nichole, Uncle Nearest Bootlegger, had arranged for Fawn Weaver, historian and co-founder, to come in for the day. She gave us an incredible talk, detailing the remarkable story behind Lynchburg's Nearest Green.
Unfortunately though: I felt that you hadn't had enough treats. So onwards we went.
Four brand new cask strength bulldozers from the new, remarkably cool Artful Dodger had us stumbling into the back end of the month. The Clynelish and the Port Charlotte, Bruichladdich of particular note. 
Before the calendar clicked, though, there was just time for the remarkably talented Tim Hain to sing us out, accompanied by the fantastic Alan Glen on harmonica.
Pete the Nut still hasn't got his pork scratchings together (he's still on holiday we think) and so we've been living off Mini Cheddars, Sam Greenwood thought that Blackadder only made Brora and therefore believed that he was conning us all by ordering it off the £9 shelf (It's Peet Reek Sam), and although KT narrowly missed out in the final... we all know he's the man to beat at the next Soho Whisky Club Beer Pong Championships.
Here's to August. Onwards. 
George Michie, SWC
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