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McVities Penguin & Old Pulteney 12

"That classic lunchbox treat has obviously been destined to match a maritime mammoth. In fact... scholars maintain that in 1803 McVities developed the Penguin with this very dram in mind"

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Clear, deep intensity.
Nose: Clean, Pronounced.
Palate: Off-dry, low acidity, full bodied.
Conclusion: A cracking chocolate bar.
Taking you far beyond the M25 - and therefore definitely into Scotland -  this pairing will find you looking out deep into the North Sea... the weather making full use of that seafolly jacket and your Dubarry's.
With infamous maritime nature, our OP 12 - salty as home-brined bacon, tart as Persian lime - really has only one sensible pairing.
Suitable for vegetarians, the ultimate lunchbox gift will smash out 445kj of energy per bar... but it's the chocolate slam that we're here for.
Put that penguin in mouth, wash it around with the 12, close those eyes... and your straight back on the Wick coast in a silly yellow jacket. 
£5 - penguin included.
George Michie, SWC
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