Gift Membership


You'll have found yourself on this page if you are gifting somebody membership for Soho Whisky Club.

Please only add this to your cart and check out if that new member has been approved, in writing, for membership at Soho Whisky Club.


This is priced at £300 and includes the first years membership and the joining fee.

You will shortly be emailed a welcome letter to give to the lucky recipient. Their membership will begin on the date stated in our previous correspondence.



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Please drink responsibly.

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42 Old Compton Street, Soho, London, W1D 4LR, England, United Kingdom   /   /   Tel. 020 7018 1168

Due to the current global pandemic our opening times are reduced to:   MON - FRI 2pm - 10pm / SAT 5pm - 10pm

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