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18 Year Old Scotch Whisky Experience

Gift Certificate


Please add to your cart how many people you would like the gift certificate for (minimum 2 people). This tasting is charged at £67.50 per person. We add on a 12.5% service, which goes directly to the member of staff that conducts that tasting. Although this charge is discretionary - we add it onto gift certificates automatically to avoid gift recipients paying anything on the day of their tasting. Please contact us if you would like the service charge removed.


The session lasts approximately one hour. It is a private tasting for your group alone. This tasting will include 5 x 25ml whiskies.


Topics discussed during the tasting include: The rules and regulations of whisky, how whisk(e)y is made, independent bottlings and the effect of peat on whisk(e)y.


Your gift certificate will be emailed to you shortly after purchase.

Please check it over and reply to the email should you like any changes made.

The recipient has one year to use the voucher before expiry. The expiry date will be shown on the certificate.

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