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The Club


  • Exclusive access for you +3 guests

  • Invites to 50+ FREE tastings per year

  • First refusal on Soho Whisky Club own bottlings

  • £300 per year... In the heart of Soho


With space for just forty members at a time you'll find yourself surrounded by over 600 open bottles of whisk(e)y from the world's best distilleries - in the centre of Soho - but in the comfort and quiet of your own private members club.

Predominantly single malt Scotch, you can also tear through the best of world whisk(e)y from America, England, Taiwan, Japan and even Australia and India.

Don't fancy a dram today? No worries at all. Enjoy a glass of wine, a beer, a G&T... there might even be a soft-drink hidden somewhere at the back of the fridge should you so fancy.

Bring up your lunch or dinner from one of Soho's nearby takeaways, come and use the space as your personal office / meeting room or just come to relax in Soho's hidden whisky gem: the Soho Whisky Club

The Soho Whisky Club


Club Terrace Checklist:


Hot outside?

Head down to your favourite club and sip a Margarita on the terrace.

(We don't sell Margarita's.... how about a dram?)

Sit back and relax with that book you've been promising to finish; or catch up with friends, soaking up the sun, in our spacious comfy terrace.

Cold outside?

Same rules apply! We've got heaters and plenty of blankets.

*Alcohol consumption is not entirely compulsory


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